HEADCOM joins forces with FARGO to create a leading communications agency for the legal community

This merger consolidates the agency’s law department and enhances the support it can offer business law firms, ICCs, notaries and judicial officers in every aspect of their communications. FARGO now boasts some 25 communications experts dedicated to finance and law.

Sabrina Tantin, founder of HEADCOM, will contribute to the agency’s business development and will take charge of designing and implementing communication strategies on behalf of FARGO’s clients in the legal sector.

This merger complements the agency’s historical expertise in terms of business lines (media relations, content strategy, digital marketing, etc.) and sectors (law, asset management, private equity, real estate, corporate finance).

Emmanuel Delarue, founder of FARGO agency :
‘Sabrina’s experience and skills further increase our ability to implement truly omni-channel communication strategies that are tailor-made and adapted to the specificities of the legal profession.’

Sabrina Tantin :
‘I first knew FARGO by reputation as a demanding agency for whom delivering excellence is paramount. In time, I got to know its teams. I saw that crossover, collective effort for the benefit of each client, human values and quality of life were a reality. I knew then that by joining FARGO, I would be able to achieve the objectives I had set for myself when I created HEADCOM’.