A strong brand is more crucial than ever before for private equity firms

In an environment rapidly approaching saturation and ‘commoditisation’, it has become essential for private equity firms to build strong brands that tackle the perception their activities are becoming run-of-the-mill, and to strengthen the loyalty of less captive stakeholders.

Approach with care! Ethics and transparency are the keys to Wikipedia

Consulting Wikipedia for information has become a daily reflex for all of us. Having a page on Wikipedia affords a company the opportunity to explain its history and activities to the general public. But Wikipedia is a very special place within the online world: it is a collaborative encyclopaedia with very strict rules for writing and transparency.

Top 6 ways to mess up your video

Video is a key form of digital content for communicators today. More impactful than a mere still photo or schematic, a film can be the ultimate weapon that transforms your communications and gives them the punch they need to get through to your audience. That said, there are some technical mistakes you need to avoid.

Management companies: how do you establish your digital strategy?

Every management company today is patently aware that over the years, digital technologies have become a driver of change throughout their business, at times going so far as to question their very existence. Marketing is among the areas most affected are marketing and, by extension, communication.

Content: the new horizon of media relations

Media relations have changed radically in recent years. One reason for this is the impact on agencies of the profound changes that the media have undergone over the past decade, changes that question the role of the agency.